Repairs Can I claim compensation?

Do you think we've got it wrong? Let us know and if we're at fault, we'll make sure to put it right...

" Our weekly-paid, low-cost scheme makes it easy for you to get covered by household insurance "

Compensation for damage to your home

We try our best to get it right but recognise at times that this doesn't always happen. If it's our fault we'll make sure to help and put it right.

However, we'll only pay compensation if it's recognised that we've been at fault -for example you can't claim if a pipe bursts and the water immediately damages a carpet, but you may be able to claim if you reported a leaking pipe straight away and there is extra damage because we didn't respond within our timescales.


How can I claim compensation?

We'll deal with your application quickly, but as you would expect, we'll visit your home to check the damage, and we'll investigate and report the circumstances fully to find out what happened.

Some of the questions we may ask include:

  • Did you report the repair straight away for instance?
  • Was someone at home when we came to do the repair?
  • Did the Tradesperson take reasonable care to avoid any damage?

If you think you may be eligible to claim, click on the link to  apply for compensation


Get covered!

The best way to have peace of mind about your belongings is to get good household contents insurance.

Customers often think that Housing Pendle automatically insures your furniture, possessions and decorations, but that's not the case - and many people are left with unexpected bills when the damage has been done.

Have a look at our weekly-paid, low-cost scheme which makes it easy for you to get covered. Please click on the link below to find out more about our: 

Home contents insurance  

Right to Repair

The 'right to repair' scheme was introduced for tenants on April 1, 1994 and is part of the Citizens' Charter scheme, which gives you the legal right to cash compensation if a repair delay could threaten your health, security or safety.

The scheme covers smaller urgent repairs that would cost us less than 250 to put right. These are called qualifying repairs and information can be found by clicking on Housing Pendle's Compensation Policy or take a look at Your right to repair.

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